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Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Why consider filing a claim?


Most homeowners cannot relate structural damage as being a covered item unless they have a "collateral event", such as a tree that falls into their home ... or busted pipes due to freezing temperatures. This is actually just a MYTH - we won't say where this mode of thinking originated!  In many cases, your first thought may be to contact your insurance agent/broker to ask what you need to do. Most agents can actually be helpful and concerned, but let's face it - too many, simply are not. This could even be a friend or loved-one who may rebuke your idea of filing a "claim" on the policy they sold to you."Why " you ask?  The reasons vary but the principal is always the same.  


It has been our experience (and we've been there, done that - ALOT )  the best thing YOU could do is contact the insurance company yourself directly, by using the 800 claim reporting number provided within your policy, but make sure you're prepared to discuss an "event"; better yet,  let us  assist you in  the claim process - we assure that you'll be glad you did!


In addition, there ARE instances of damages (such as roof damages) whereas you may not be aware that deterioration has been occuring - just because it's not leaking yet, doesn't mean there's no issue! Waiting until that point could only be worse ...


Simply put, if you have such weather-related events or suspect damages otherwise, consider contacting us FIRST and we can help you get the best results from your insurance claim to repair or restore such damages! However, "timing" is not only important ... it is EVERYTHING.


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