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Not Approved by Your Insurance Company?


Do not let the experience leave a bitter taste in your mouth and most certainly -              DON'T GIVE UP.  Often times we hear homeowners who say, "I already had my roof inspected by my insurance company and they said everything was okay.Really? Take a look at the roof in the picture to the left; this homeowner was told by his insurance agent (who already had his roof replaced and is a neighbor ), that his insurance policy may  pay a little something to help out .... uh - ya think?  Yes indeed, this was an old roof but there were shingles laying all over his yard from wind & hail  over many storms through the years!


Certainly, we agree there is a place & purpose for your "agent", but NOT to serve as a professional insurance adjuster. Most agents are delighted to help their policyholders with the claims process right over the phone, and some aren't so cordial.


Sometimes it takes not one or two inspections, but perhaps even three to get a fair assessment of roof damages. We know that this is why homeowners should really consider contacting US instead of contacting an insurance agent.

*Our insurance approval rating of 90% is based entirely upon the number of adjuster appointments and those approved for total replacement. Our research data shows that the percentage of homeowners who file their claim without consulting with any contractor first, has a success rate for approval of 65%. 

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