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Storm Events History (SouthEast )


Below are the last two major storm events in our area that caused considerable WIND & HAIL damages to countless homeowners. The impact of these storms can still be seen today as many of our customers are now aware. Keep in mind that timing is crucial for resolving storm damage insurance claims; there still may be time for YOU!

March 18, 2013

February 18, 2012

These events produced large hailstones and consistent heavy winds ... but there were many other weather events that followed. The severity of a particular storm is really not what's so important, it is whether or not you have damages to your property; even damages that you aren't aware of (that which isn't directly in your face). In order to talk to an insurance company about an event which you suspect affected your property, you must know what we like to call the "3-W's": WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE - this is why it's so crucial to have ALL SOURCE RENOVATIONS  assist you through the process. We know insurance companies, agents/agencies, and most

importantly - certified professional adjusters!

Eatonton, GA; March 18, 2013


(Right)  Recent WIND Events,

                Oconee Area

The Piedmont Tornado, November 22, 1992

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